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Publications Style Guide

How we present ourselves is very important to reaching a modern day congregation. Uniformity and stylistic relevance are crucial to capturing attention. Seth will always be willing to help create graphics. However, if you want to create publications yourself, please use the following style guide.

Publications Style Guide


Large Titles- Reklame Script

SMALL TITLE- Raleway (caps)

Body text- Open Sans


Accent Color 


Higher resolution files

available upon request.


  • Please only use the appropriate PFFBC Logos. Any time the church name appears in full that is not in the body of the text (ex. Please join us at Piney Flats First Baptist Church for a dinner), the logo with the three crosses should be used. 

  • Please don't use blurry or pixelated versions of the logo. If you need a larger format, please email Seth (

  • Please avoid excessive ClipArt. If you need graphics to fit your publication, please let Seth know. 

  • All publications should be created by Seth or by using this style guide. Please contact him if you have any questions. 

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